The SQL Query:
SELECT tc.totalcount,, p.human, p.userid, p.createdate, p.category, p.title, p.body, p.imageflag,, p.twitteruser, s.slug AS stateslug, AS statename, c.slug AS cityslug, AS cityname, ( SELECT pm5.md5sum FROM photo_md5_post pm5 WHERE LIMIT 1 ) AS md5sum, (SELECT FROM incall_locations il WHERE AS map, (SELECT id.username FROM im_data id WHERE AND id.type='youtube') AS youtube, (SELECT psub.subcategoryid FROM post_subcategory psub WHERE LIMIT 1) AS subcatid, (SELECT CONCAT(, '&&//==&&', FROM post_contact pc WHERE AS post_contact_concat, (SELECT CONCAT(, '&&//==&&', cs.slug, '&&//==&&', FROM post_subcity ps, city_subcity cs WHERE AND LIMIT 1) AS concat_subcity FROM post p, states s, city c, (SELECT COUNT(*) AS totalcount FROM post p2 WHERE p2.createdate > 0 AND p2.userid=91397) AS tc WHERE p.createdate > 0 AND p.userid=91397 AND AND ORDER BY DESC, p.createdate DESC LIMIT 20

Generated the following error:
Subquery returns more than 1 row


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