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Q: How do I create & edit my account?
Q: Are there any hidden Fees or long term obligation for using the site?
Q: What happens if I forget my password? Can I change username/password?
Q: How do I remove myself from the website?
Q: How can I add photos & videos to my profile?
Q: How can I add an MPG banner to my website?


Q: How do I register?
Q: How many ads can I post per day?
Q: What happens if I see a inappropriate posting or receive unwanted emails or spam?
Q: Do I have to build a new post ad in order to be bumped up to the top?
Q: I chose an account username and now I want to change it, is this possible?
Q: If I change my photos, will the changes reflect on my collage
Q: I have logged in to my account and see my account as "Offline", how do I change it?